JBS Bordertown Employee’s EBA Ratified

Monday 16th June 2014

Fair Work Australia have last Tuesday ratified the newly negotiated Enterprise Bargaining Agreement at JBS Bordertowns meatworks. The new four year site agreement increases wages by up to 3% each year, while remaining at a 38 hour week , the new EBA conditions will take effect from this week. JBS are very pleased with the overall outcome and feel that it provides a solid platform for the continued growth in the business and overall benefits to employees and producers.

With a seasonal drop in suitable lamb numbers, management is taking advantage of the comparative lull of processing currently 7000 animals a day, to undertake pre peak season training. When new season’s lambs start to become available , plant manager Trevor Schiller anticipates a solid build up in numbers from August “We are working on significant growth in animals processed daily, our first and second shifts are performing well, with an almost seamless changeover between the two.”

In line with the demand for transparency with our Animal Welfare standards in handling and our respect for livestock being processed, JBS will be installing CCTV cameras throughout the unloading area and holding pens.


The robotic cutting and x-ray scanning equipment is now working at about 90% efficiency , with manufacturer Scotts of NZ employees still at the plant making final adjustments for accuracy, in what is essentially a research and development process.

Trevor is very impressed with the new technology, “The robotic cutting and x-ray sections of the process are making our product first class all the time, improving our overall efficiencies , yield accuracies and of course our safety, which all flows into significant benefits over time. Our prime bone-in cuts, such as racks of lamb, are coming out of the system perfectly prepared, which is what our clients want.”


“The investment in the business and the second shift is a key commitment by JBS to deliver on its plans and the direct benefits to the local Bordertown economy, of our Bordertown operations are of State and National significance in terms of stable employment and export dollars.”





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