Imagining Place – Bordertown Walkway Gallery

Monday 30th June 2014

What better place than the impressive Walkway Gallery in the Tatiara Civic Centre, could there have been to be yesterday afternoon. With icy winds and blustery rain outside, the warm and welcoming space needed no stretch of the imagination to enjoy the fascinating exhibition on display.

Gallery manager, Arts and Cultural Development Officer, Naomi Fallon, introduced and welcomed South Australian artist Christopher Orchard to open the exhibition ‘Imagining Place’.


Gallery manager Naomi Fallon introducing Christopher Orchard

Christopher, a member of  Adelaide based art collective Central Studios, spoke briefly but well of our need to capture and convey our experiences and expectations with visual art. Christopher discussed the central theme of the works on display in this exhibition, the first shown outside Adelaide by this group.

‘Do we imagine place, or do we imagine us in place? Is capturing these ideas visually, valuable to our understanding of place and ourselves?’


Central Studios is one of the longest running art collectives in Australia. It began in 1982, as part of the new Adelaide Central School of Art. The Studios has had a long association with the school, beginning in Bloor Court in the city before moving to Gilles Street and then to Norwood. Nine years ago, due to the sale of one of the School’s buildings, the Studios moved to its current premises in the city, adjacent to the Adelaide Central Market.


Christopher Orchard opening the exhibition

Central Studios artists with work in this exhibition include Christopher Orchard, Yve Thompson, Tricia Ross, Nona Burdon, Mervyn Coles, Leith Semmens, Ian Willding, Glen Kestell and Frances Griffin. Works of charcoal, mixed media, paint, drawing, sculpture and photography are included, giving a good representative example of the artists’ repertoire.



Christopher and other artists of the group who had traveled from Adelaide to attend the opening, were very pleased with the gallery space and hope to exhibit there regularly in the future.









The exhibition is free and open to the public Monday to Friday, 9am to 5 pm, for the month of July, 2014.


Bordertown Library’s Heather Mewett and Councillor Liz Goossens




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