Bordertown BJC Martial Arts Club – Mid Year Gradings Held

Monday 21st July 2014

Junior Zen Do Kai students, adult Zen Do Kai students and BJC Muay Thai members of the Bordertown Club graded to their next level at the end of term two this year.IMG_2851

On Monday the  16th of June during the senior Zen Do Kai class, Hannah Braisby completed a strong grading to move from blue to green belt.

Ali Gaden, a former junior student, graded well from white to orange belt and new white belt Troy Searle did very well to overcome an injury and received his yellow belt.


The junior grading on June 25 saw 15 students successfully achieve their next belts, with another 15 junior class members assisting as partners, marking grading sheets and helping with the grading. A number of senior class members were also present to grade students, with Bordertown club head Kyoshi Terry Hutchings present and Sensei Ann-Elisa Pickering calling the grading.

Moving from white to yellow belt and following instruction very well were Peyton Doan, Caitlin Treloar, Layne Le-gal Pawson, Andrea Fuentes, Alexcis Reed and Ella Jozeps. Unfortunately Harry Schwarz was unable to take part, but will be graded during the beginning of next term.

Yellow belts receiving their orange were Sam Lovelock and Lewis Green, who both showed good skills and concentration.

Showing their ability and excellent focus were Ruby Schwarz, Mary Green, Demi Lovelock and Pargat Singh, who all obtained their blue belts.

As the highest ranked students grading on the day, Alex Golding, Hayley Treloar and Jesse Stokes were strong, focussed and dedicated, moving up from blue belt to green.

Receiving an honourable mention on the day were Demi Lovelock and Andrea Fuentes.


During the last BJC Muay Thai class of the term, on Thursday 3rd July, a grading was also held. Stepping up well, new student Amber Sanders received her yellow singlet. Troy Searle, Jay McCarthy, Kingsley Green and Peter Jolly worked hard to earn their orange singlets. Robyn Miles also took her next step and was awarded a blue singlet.


Sensei Robyn Miles

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