Nitro Circus Flies in Horsham

Tuesday April 18 2017

Nitro Circus… a jam packed two hours of total crazy.

Shopping trolleys, rocking horses, kayaks, Eskys and even an armchair!! The list goes on.

They came hurtling down the ramp and launched into the air in the hope of a good landing.

The crowd loved it and became louder and louder as the next crazy stunt lined up at the top of the ramp.

The skill of the athletes was clear to see as they flew through the air. Trying to land in the middle of a Zorba ball, hanging upside down from BMX bikes, or just going like a bat out of hell on inline skates or scooters, while twisting and turning in the air performing amazing moves.

The commentators had the excited crowd involved and it was hard to hear the motorbikes over them at times.

Four local lads had the dubious pleasure of becoming instant members of the Nitro family, with one performing a back flip on a BMX bike as a passenger and the other three piling on a motorbike with Nitro rider Cam Sinclair, to perform a back flip with four aboard.

There were some sombre moments as they honoured a lost member of their Nitro family and applauded the bravery and true grit of another performer, Bruce Cook, who broke his back with a bad landing in 2014. Bruce now has a modified motorbike on which he performed an amazing back flip, to the awe of the crowd. Bruce is a truly inspiring individual.

The Nitro Circus athletes put on an awesome performance for Horsham.


Photographed for BorderOnline by Cindy McDonald


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