A Great Year for Bordertown BJMA Club in 2017

15 December 2017

It’s been a great year for the Bordertown BJMA Club, with lots of new juniors, BJMAW Mothers Day and Standing Strong classes promoting women in martial arts, a public Women’s Self Defence Awareness course and our second State of a Warrior Thai boxing event. The club, in conjunction with MatchMaker Promotions, has been awarded the Bordertown on the Move Community Service award for 2016 and 2017, for their efforts in bringing State of a Warrior to Bordertown.

Standing Strong Class – Encouraging women to be self reliant and to support each other

Mothers Day Junior Class

Senior ZDK Mothers Day Class

Bordertown club also again hosted the SA State junior camp at Cockatoo Downs Farmstay near Keith, the tenth time the club has done so, after initiating the event in 2004.

SA State Junior Camp 2017

At the mid-year SA State grading in Adelaide, instructor Sensei Daryl Nichols successfully graded to third Dan, with students Holly Miles, Anthony Taylor and Zac Taylor assisting him.

Anthony Taylor, Zac Taylor, Holly Miles, Sensei Daryl Nichols

James Fry moved to full first Dan and Roger Ingerson to black belt (probationary first Dan), assisted by Sempai Peter Jolly.

James Fry with his first Dan essay presentation, hand written onto two bokken he carved himself


Holly Miles Congratulating Roger Ingerson

The junior class grading and trophy presentations were held on the 6th of December, followed by pizza and soft drinks. Bridie Kuchel and Layne LeGal-Pawson received their green belts, Archer Colwill his blue belt, Piper Taylor and Airlie Colwill their orange belts. At their first grading Max Fisher, Josh Holmes, Riley Benton-Pumpa, Lachie Schapel, Willow Grellet, Josh Fisher, and Darcy Ross did very well and earned their yellow belts.

Junior Class Grading Group

Instructors Awards were presented to Layne LeGal-Pawson and Piper Taylor, congratulations to them both and to all juniors who graded to their next level. Recipients of these yearly awards are chosen by class instructors and recognise discipline, focus, improvement and commitment throughout the year.

The BJMA Kickboxing class grading was held straight after the junior presentations, with all who graded to the next level doing very well. Aleks Bodek graded exceptionally well and received her blue singlet. Moving competently to their yellow singlets were Michael Halleday, Keith McLaine, James Hooper and Deb Cooper.

The senior presentation dinner was held on the 11th of December at the Bordertown Chinese Restaurant, thanks Tim and Helen Wei for again opening for us on a Monday. The senior Zen Do Kai grading was held earlier in December, with strong performances by all who took part. Anthony Taylor worked hard for his brown belt, Deb Cooper showed her commitment to training by moving from yellow to blue belt, skipping orange. Jess Hawker earned her blue belt, at her last class before going away to school next year and Emily Cooper graded strongly to move to yellow belt, after a relatively short time with the club.

Kyoshi Terry Hutchings awarding Deb Cooper the Instructors Award for senior ZDK and BJMA Kickboxing

The Instructors Award for both BJMA Kickboxing and senior ZDK was for the first time presented to the same person, congratulations Deb Cooper.

Michael Halleday receiving Hardest Trained trophy for BJMA Kickboxing from Kyoshi Terry Hutchings

Holly Miles receiving Hardest Trained ZDK from Kyoshi Terry Hutchings

The Hardest Trained BJMA Kickboxing trophy was awarded to Michael Halleday and the Hardest Trained Senior ZDK trophy to Holly Miles, congratulations to you both.

Thanks to Doan Pharmacies, Arn and Anita Doan for sponsoring the club trophies, your support of our club is appreciated.

Classes resume in 2018 on the second week of the SA school term.

Enquiries: 0417873084

Renshi Robyn Miles

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