Theta Therapy – Ten Years in The Tatiara

20 May 2018

Natural Therapist Paul Stokes is celebrating ten very successful years in the Tatiara, with his unique and effective Natural Therapy practice – Theta Therapy.

Paul developed the Theta Therapy technique 22 years ago, after finding that more conventional treatments were not achieving the results he required for his own back injury and related stress associated with long term pain.

He studied seven different Natural Therapy modalities over a period of five years and then began to combine the accumulated knowledge into what he called Theta Therapy. He has treated over 20,000 people during his career and continues to offer his services from his practice on Farquhar St in Bordertown, South Australia.

Paul and his family are very happy living in the Tatiara and have no intention of leaving the area.

“The lifestyle that we are able to have in this district is what I’ve always been looking for – open space, fresh air, friendly and helpful people and a mild Mediteranean climate.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for their loyalty over the past decade and to invite anyone having issues with pain, stress, anxiety and other health related issues to come and give Theta Therapy a try.”

For more information please call Paul on 0412 078374.

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