Clean Country Living?

May 30 2018

Local farm hand Kylan Hendy chose to collect the rubbish he could see on the roadside, on his way to Dinyarrak in the West Wimmera Shire, during his day off. The haul included multiple beer, spirit and soft drink bottles and cans, plastic sheeting, spray drums, boxes, items of clothing, synthetic string, a dead rooster in a tied closed bag and miscellaneous other bits and pieces. Driving along a back road in the country, he was able to fill his car boot to bursting point with mostly plastic rubbish. This is local rubbish, it’s not a highway with careless travellers passing through throwing out their unwanted trash……

Our back roads are littered with plastic rubbish, cans and bottles, mounds of mouldy grain, dead stock and discarded clothes. Aesthetically and environmentally it’s disgraceful…



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