New Era For SA Farmers

30th April 2013
The State Liberals’ primary industries spokesperson, David Ridgway, has welcomed the formation of Primary Producers SA.
“I’m confident it will speak with a single, united voice for all,” Mr Ridgway said.
“With about 13,000 farmers in South Australia, this structural change in the way the State’s food and fibre producers are represented will help the sector promote both itself and its importance to the economy.
“It’s vital that city-living South Australians appreciate the important contribution made by those who live and work in regional and rural South Australia.”
Members of the SA Farmers Federation voted for the change on Monday.
“Various industries have been drifting away from SAFF for almost 20 years. That’s way too long. The new body is a change for the better.
“I’d like to congratulate Rob Kerin and SAFF members, staff and officeholders who helped bring the reorganization proposals to fruition,” Mr Ridgway said.
“The rural sector is critical to the State’s future prosperity.
“Manufacturing’s share of GDP has been falling since the 1960s, when it was 25 per cent of the economy. By 2005 it was less than half of that.
“SA may never again have a manufacturing-based economy. It’s time for a new focus. It’s time we concentrated on industries in which we already have a natural advantage. Few countries in our region can compete with us in primary industries.
“Australia now grows enough food now to feed 60 million people. Our exports help feed the world, and the world has an insatiable appetite.
“We need to grow that industry, and this is a significant step forward,” Mr Ridgway said.

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